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My weekend in Paris


As you know, I went to Paris over the weekend and ,just so you know, I had a great time. Paris is really not one of my favorite cities in the world. Yes, it is beautiful, it’s classy, it’s tidy… but it is just not fun, it lacks life. However this time I enjoyed it more than any other time I had been there before. First of all, I had already seen the Louvre three times, gone up the Eiffel Tower twice and been dragged to the Musée D’Orsay once. I’m not a fan of painting or taking pictures so this time I skipped it all together. All I did was walk around the city and see the monuments and the streets from outside. I didn’t have to worry abut visit times or prices. And that I think was the key for such a great trip. I had time to go into whatever shops I wanted and take my time looking around. I took a bus just to see the city at night. I enjoyed a beer in a random bar without worrying about what time I had t wake up next day. It was what every holiday should be: relaxing. After this I have decided this is the way all my holidays should be. Yes, I still want to visit monuments and museums or whatever when I go places but I won’t try to see it all in a couple of days. That is stressful, expensive, tiring and I go back home in need of real holidays and I refuse to do that to myself again. Next time I’ll visit whatever seems reasonable, leave some time to just wander around and whatever I can’t visit that time will have to wait for a future visit, if I like the city enough to go back.


Gossip Girl: Mayhem


What on Earth is going on in this show? The last episodes were a race towards madness but this week’s episode finally reached the finish line. After the episode ended all my brain could think was: bananas!

Let’s start with fake Charlie. Her identity finally came out in the open and she’s trying to convince everybody that, despite everything, she’s a good person and only did it because she wanted a family. However, she then changes her mind and kicks Lily and Rufus out of the house. How does that add up?

Then there is the whole thing with Carol telling William that Charlie is actually his daughter. I get that they’re running out of ideas for the plot, but really? Who cares about this? It’s just going to be a lot of scenes of Carol blackmailing William until it all blows up in their faces and everybody ends up being hurt by it, specially Serena who will cry about it for a day and then move on to better things.

Finally, the craziest part of the whole episode: Blair and Dan. Not that I couldn’t see where this was going but I never really thought this would actually end up happening. But here it is, the only two people in the show who hadn’t slept together yet. Well, actually there’s Serena and Chuck but even that wouldn’t be that weird. So here we are, Blair and Serena are finally going to be together (or not, because you never know, but it looks like it). But really, the person that I saw in today’s episode wasn’t really Blair. She was not scheming, she was letting other people take care of her issues and even the outfits were not that great. What is going on? Was Chuck right when he said she had changed? It looks like it and she is certainly loosing her charm on the way. As for Dan, it just seems very unlikely for his character to fall in love with someone like Blair. And also what happened with the rest of his life (university, writing…)? All he seems to do is be around Blair. Well, let’s hope he at least gets some fashion advice out of this relationship, starting with a haircut.

Before I finish, though, I should say I enjoyed the episode, all the drama and madness are fun, they are the reason why I liked this show on the first place but lately it is a bit too much. Also, I do like Dan and Blair together, but that doesn’t keep me from realizing how weird it all is. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.


P.S. Btw, I just realized, weren’t they supposed to be going to college? What happened with that?

I’m in love with Konad


For those of you who still don’t know what it is… well, where have you been living? But also you can check it out here. So I’m obviously not going to explain how it works because there are millions of videos on youtube you can check. All I am going to say is that I got all my Konad supplies a couple of weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with it.

My first time was not as great as it seemed to be for a lot of bloggers, but the second was absolutely perfect. The nails looked great, better than they usually do anyway, since I really hate the shape of my nails (the reason why I won’t be showing any pictures). So for those of you who still haven’t tried it you should definately do it. It is a bit expensive and I kind of regret having bought the special nail polishes since they don’t seem to do much better than the regular ones. But, all in all, it was money well spent.

Also, I am so happy that I could have it delivered to Spain which is not always the case (I’m still waiting to get a hair waver) although it certainly much more expensive than in US.

Raising Hope: Best episode so far


Have you watched the Valentine’s episode of Raising Hope? If the answer is no, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY AND GO WATCH IT. Mostly because it’s the cutest episode I had watched in a long time, but also because otherwise this is going to be full of spoilers. I really love this show. It’s funny, it’s fresh and I don’t really know why but it reminds me of the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Probably because they started off with a similar style. Or may be it’s just me.

Anyway, I just loved last week’s episode. Sabrina finally broke up with her boyfriend, who proved to be such a jerk. But, above all, Jimmy finally worked up the courage to tell her he liked her. And in such an adorable way. The play was so bad that it turned out to be extremely cute. I liked that it was Jimmy intentionally telling Sabrina he liked her and not just her finding out somehow.

And I also liked that Sabrina didn’t have to think about it twice since she probably had had feelings for him too for quite a while. It was simple. He told her he loved her and she loved her back. No stupid reactions to keep the tension of the show. I just loved it. I know the writers will have to come up with something to keep the story interesting which is why I am kind of dreading the next episode. But still, that was a great episode.

If you have never watched this show (well, then, you are probably not reading this post anyway, but just in case) I really recommend it. It is one of the funniest and sweetest shows on tv right now and, of course, one of my favorite.

One Tree Hill: What is with all the annoying kids?


When this show started it was all about teenage drama, and it was great that way. As the show went on and characters run out of people with whom to sleep, the writers started introducing crazy plots. Peyton was stalked by a fake brother, Dan became a murderer, Jamie got kidnapped by a crazy nanny… The latest one is Nathan being kidnapped for wanting to sign a basketball player. So this all makes me wonder, wasn’t this a show made for girls? I certainly started watching it because I loved watching how long they could keep up the Brook-Lucas-Peyton triangle, and how many times could Nathan screw it up with Haley. I certainly didn’t start watching it for all this stupid action they are introducing. If I wanted action I would watch an action movie, but there is a reason I don’t do that: I just don’t like them. I guess after 8 years it’s hard to come up with new ideas, but this is certainly not the way to go.

Also, what is with all the annoying kids in this show. I know they are cute but every time they start talking all I want to do is turn off the tv and get my tubes tied. I know Jamie is cute but he talks like a 50 year old guy. And how about Chuck? He’s not even that cute but is even worse than Jamie, specially now that the writers decided to make him behave like Chris Keller, who wasn’t even funny to begin with. But now Jamie is growing up, Chuck got his dad back, Lydia and the twins are still too young to make them talk like adults… so they got themselves a new kid: Logan. Don’t get me wrong, he’s adorable. I want to take him home with me. But, really, all the scenes with him in are just plain boring.  Although, in this case, it might not help that he’s with Clay in all the scenes.

It could be much worse, but then again, if it weren’t for the fact that once I start watching a show I will watch it until the very last episode, I would have probably quit it long ago. Thank God this is the last season.

P.S. I actually think this picture is adorable!

Leggings are not pants


The trend has been with us longer than anyone would have expected and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. But, seriously, how did it all get started? Who decided that it was a good idea to show our butts to the world? Really, leave something to the imagination!

If I’m to be honest, I have to say I tried it once. Everybody was doing it, so why not try it? (Nothing good seems to ever come out of asking yourself this question, btw). Still a bit undecided about it I asked my roomates. They both said to go for it and so I did. I left the house wearing leggings with a long t-shirt that barely covered anything. I went to the mall which was five minutes away from my appartment. After half an hour or so I had to go back because of how uncomfortable I was. Not only did I feel like I was half naked from the waist down, it’s the stupidest outfit to wear in the middle of winter sice it is not warm at all. And, call me conventional, but I kind of like to keep my intimate parts at a high temperature.

Anyway the whole experience just confirmed what my heart had been telling me all along: leggings are not pants. And since we are currently living in a leggings, jeggins, tights turmoil, I leave you this chart for when you are in doubt.

(Diagram taken from Huffington Post)