Leggings are not pants


The trend has been with us longer than anyone would have expected and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. But, seriously, how did it all get started? Who decided that it was a good idea to show our butts to the world? Really, leave something to the imagination!

If I’m to be honest, I have to say I tried it once. Everybody was doing it, so why not try it? (Nothing good seems to ever come out of asking yourself this question, btw). Still a bit undecided about it I asked my roomates. They both said to go for it and so I did. I left the house wearing leggings with a long t-shirt that barely covered anything. I went to the mall which was five minutes away from my appartment. After half an hour or so I had to go back because of how uncomfortable I was. Not only did I feel like I was half naked from the waist down, it’s the stupidest outfit to wear in the middle of winter sice it is not warm at all. And, call me conventional, but I kind of like to keep my intimate parts at a high temperature.

Anyway the whole experience just confirmed what my heart had been telling me all along: leggings are not pants. And since we are currently living in a leggings, jeggins, tights turmoil, I leave you this chart for when you are in doubt.

(Diagram taken from Huffington Post)


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