One Tree Hill: What is with all the annoying kids?


When this show started it was all about teenage drama, and it was great that way. As the show went on and characters run out of people with whom to sleep, the writers started introducing crazy plots. Peyton was stalked by a fake brother, Dan became a murderer, Jamie got kidnapped by a crazy nanny… The latest one is Nathan being kidnapped for wanting to sign a basketball player. So this all makes me wonder, wasn’t this a show made for girls? I certainly started watching it because I loved watching how long they could keep up the Brook-Lucas-Peyton triangle, and how many times could Nathan screw it up with Haley. I certainly didn’t start watching it for all this stupid action they are introducing. If I wanted action I would watch an action movie, but there is a reason I don’t do that: I just don’t like them. I guess after 8 years it’s hard to come up with new ideas, but this is certainly not the way to go.

Also, what is with all the annoying kids in this show. I know they are cute but every time they start talking all I want to do is turn off the tv and get my tubes tied. I know Jamie is cute but he talks like a 50 year old guy. And how about Chuck? He’s not even that cute but is even worse than Jamie, specially now that the writers decided to make him behave like Chris Keller, who wasn’t even funny to begin with. But now Jamie is growing up, Chuck got his dad back, Lydia and the twins are still too young to make them talk like adults… so they got themselves a new kid: Logan. Don’t get me wrong, he’s adorable. I want to take him home with me. But, really, all the scenes with him in are just plain boring.  Although, in this case, it might not help that he’s with Clay in all the scenes.

It could be much worse, but then again, if it weren’t for the fact that once I start watching a show I will watch it until the very last episode, I would have probably quit it long ago. Thank God this is the last season.

P.S. I actually think this picture is adorable!


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