Raising Hope: Best episode so far


Have you watched the Valentine’s episode of Raising Hope? If the answer is no, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY AND GO WATCH IT. Mostly because it’s the cutest episode I had watched in a long time, but also because otherwise this is going to be full of spoilers. I really love this show. It’s funny, it’s fresh and I don’t really know why but it reminds me of the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Probably because they started off with a similar style. Or may be it’s just me.

Anyway, I just loved last week’s episode. Sabrina finally broke up with her boyfriend, who proved to be such a jerk. But, above all, Jimmy finally worked up the courage to tell her he liked her. And in such an adorable way. The play was so bad that it turned out to be extremely cute. I liked that it was Jimmy intentionally telling Sabrina he liked her and not just her finding out somehow.

And I also liked that Sabrina didn’t have to think about it twice since she probably had had feelings for him too for quite a while. It was simple. He told her he loved her and she loved her back. No stupid reactions to keep the tension of the show. I just loved it. I know the writers will have to come up with something to keep the story interesting which is why I am kind of dreading the next episode. But still, that was a great episode.

If you have never watched this show (well, then, you are probably not reading this post anyway, but just in case) I really recommend it. It is one of the funniest and sweetest shows on tv right now and, of course, one of my favorite.


Let me know what you think!

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