Monsters Inc.


I don’t know if this is my favorite animated movie but it is certainly in the top. It is such an original idea. To have the monsters under the bed be the main characters and make them fun and lovable. Of course I love Boo, she’s just adorable and I wish she were real so that I could take her home. But the monsters are also awesome. Starting with Sulley, so big and blue and huggable. Mike and his girlfriend make me laugh so hard. And the Child Detection Agency. Everything in that movie is great and for that reason I decided to share it with you today. And because I just saw a clip of Boo and had to talk about this movie.

P.S: If for some unforgivable reason you haven’t watched this movie yet, you now have plans for the weekend. Enjoy!

P.S.2: This image was my wallpaper for a whole year and now I’m kind of considering putting it back.


Let me know what you think!

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