The Lying Game: season finale


It was the season finale of The Lying Game yesterday and I have to say I really liked it. This show got me hooked from minute one. If there is something I love more than mystery shows is mystery shows with teenagers in them (and clothes, and boys).

I love Emma and Sutton. They are both so different. I like Emma for being able to keep up the lying game and still not become all spoiled and annoying. I love Sutton for being exactly that, spoiled and annoying. She is the most interesting character in the show (especially after last night’s episode). I like how bitchy she can be and how much fun and drama she provides in the show. I like Thayer because he is the perfect boy and ally and deep down I hope he ends up with Emma. Even Laurel is a great character, always trying to cover up for Sutton. However there are other characters who are extremely dull. Starting with Kristin who seems kind of stupid to me, I mean, how much prove do you need to realize your husband had an affair? And also Mads, who seems to lack some personality.

The plot twists have been so many that I won’t try to summarize them here. I couldn’t remember them all even if I wanted to. But they have kept me in tension and looking forward to the new episodes week after week. I haven’t been disappointed once throughout the season which is not the usual with most shows. It has kept the mystery while revealing somethings here and there just to the give the audience something to chew on while unveiling new secrets.

It has been a great season and I can’t wait for the second one (hopefully there will be one). I want to see Emma telling Kristin and Ted that she is not Sutton. I want to know if Rebecca is really their mother. And I want to know what are Alec and Ted hiding. I am only a little worried that if/when the show continues the lies and secrets are going to start piling up and we won’t know why some things are happening (which is a problem I sometimes have with Pretty Little Liars). Still, I think it is a great show and the finale, especially the last scene, were just the perfect way to end the season.


Let me know what you think!

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