Spring dresses


Spring time is upon us which means soon we will be able to wear lots of dresses without fearing the cold. Not that I don’t wear dresses in winter, I really like the dress+boots+tights combo (not necessarily in that order), but spring dresses are more colorful. So I bring you today my favorite dresses for the new season:

Vestidos Stradivarius primavera 2012 flores

This one is from Stradivarius and I really like the cut. Not so much the flowers, though.

This is also from Stradivarius and I really like it. It is pretty simple but it also means it is easy to accessorize. I think I prefer the red one but the navy blue is also cute.

This other is from Zara and while I love the design I’m not really into that green color, but may be just because it reminds me of my mum’s old car, so it’s probably just me.

And the last one is from Blanco and I really like it but I know I might be alone on this one.

There is also an asymmetric dress from Zara in a minty green that I really liked but unfortunately it is not on their online store so I can’t show. I think that might actually be the winner, or one of the winners. We’ll see.


Let me know what you think!

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