Work, crisis and venting


I’m about vent, you’ve been warned.

Today I got home really frustrated with my job. My hours will be reduced yet once again. At this pace I won’t have a job by June. The worst part is that this job was meant to be temporary. I was supposed to be working in my field by now. I was willing to do any kind of job remotely related to my degree for whatever money but even that is not possible. I keep sending e-mails, and I haven’t lost hope but after sending zillions of resumes, I’m starting to be a bit demotivated. The thing that makes me mad is that everyone I tell this to tells me it’s the crisis and that it will get better. Honestly I don’t see an end to this so called crisis in the near future. I only see it getting worse, especially here in Europe. However, if there really is a crisis, how come rich people are richer? I’m sick of being told that there is a bad economic situation. There might be. But the ones who caused it are benefiting from it and it is the regular people who have to struggle. I’m tired. I don’t want to keep on hearing we have to make an effort to help the country, to get over this situation. Why don’t you, politicians, bankers, business people, make the effort? You certainly can.

And yet I know that my situation is quite ideal. I won’t loose a house, or have my children starve if I lose my job. I will probably, at some point, be able to find another one. There are people way worse than me. But that only makes me angrier at the unfairness of it all.


Let me know what you think!

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