Switched at birth: Emmett and Bay


After last night’s episode I felt like writing about this couple which is one of my favourites on tv right now. I think they were really nice together. They seemed to really liked each other and Bay learned to sign and has worked really hard to make it work but they just have put them through a lot of stuff. This means that while I think they make a great couple it seems to me (and probably everybody else watching the show) like they are going to break up really soon.

The problem here is that if Emmett didn’t say anything they would probably be able to stay together. However, Emmett is too much of a good person (or at least I want to think so) to keep that to himself so it is bound to come out eventually. And if not from him, from somebody else. The bottom line is that, at least for now, I don’t think we will be seeing a happy ending for this two and I kind of hate it. They seemed like such an unlikely couple at the beginning and now I got used to the idea, and I wanted them together (sigh).


Let me know what you think!

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