I was a little behind with this show so now that all the other shows went on a break I decided to catch up with it and, after watching a couple of episodes, I started wondering why it had taken me so long to do it. It is such a great show. All the actors in the show are really good and the script is also quite great. I like that they portray all these different kinds of families, all working in their own way, showing that there is really no right way to do things, that you just learn along the way. Obviously it has an excess of drama sometimes, but it is a show after all.

Th episode I just finished watching was the one they had for Valetine’s Day, called Tough Love. When I finished watching I had tears in my eyes, which is no surprise since I cry so easily, but sill the episode was so sweet. I loved the scene were Max brings his new friend home and his mum is just as stressed out as Kristina and says he is the first friend her son has had. It might sound silly but it just made me think that life will be unfair, but there is still hope.

I think I’m getting cheesy so I’ll stop here. However I think this show is a must.


Let me know what you think!

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