This weekend I decided to stay home since I had to study for my Swedish exam in two weeks. The result: I haven’t even opened my book but I have done every other thing imaginable.

Among those things, I discovered there is a thing called Birchbox. Basically you register for $10 and every month they send you a box with 4 or 5 beauty products for you to try. The idea sounded great and really fun so I decided to check their website. I went straight to shipping options to confirm my fears: they don’t ship to Spain. But, thank God for Google, I figured out there is a thing called Glamourum. It is the exact same thing but in Spain. It costs 10 € which slightly more expensive but I was so happy I registered immediately. They asked a few questions about skin type, hair color and so on, I guess to figure out what products to send, and I will receive my first box by the end of this month. I will let you know how it went but I’m really excited!


Let me know what you think!

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