The library of the dead


I just finished reading The Library of the Dead and The Book of Souls. First and second part of Will Piper’s story respectively. I’m not impressed.

When I first read what the book was about I thought it was a really interesting idea. A killer who always leaves a postcard with the day the victim will die written on it and it is all related to some old library. It sounded all very cool. It was not. It was a great idea that was ruined when developed. The author doesn’t know how to create intrigue, how to slowly unveil the secrets. He simply goes back to the past and tells you the story. I would have preferred a different approach, a follow the clues and figure out the secret at the end kind of approach. Well, that is not what it is at all. And not just that. After the secret is revealed, half way through the book, he goes to narrate the chase of the main character. Really? This book was sold as mystery not action. I really hate when they do that.

The second book is pretty much the same. Some secrets, easily revealed, and a chase. So original. I’m still wondering why I bothered reading the second part.

All this being said, it is an easy read and if you don’t mind all the action then, probably, it is not so bad. But it is just not my kind of book.


Let me know what you think!

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