E-readers vs traditional books: the endless debate


The debate of e-readers versus traditional books has been going on for a while. Everyone has their own opinion depending on what works best for them. However if you, like me, are the kind of person

who thinks e-readers take the magic away from regular books you might want to reconsider. I own an e-reader, a Sony PRS-T1 in a beutiful dark red color.
Basically, to all the people out there trying to decide which one is better I would say: Why do we need to choose? Each one is good for its own reasons. If I want to read while I commute I’ll probably bring my e-reader. But if I’m at home sitting in the couch I will probably go for the regular book. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where you can have it all?Yes, I do think there is something about reading on paper that an e-book will never have. I love th

e smell, I love going to a bookstore and coming back with a heavy bag full of books, I love always knowing how many pages I have to read to finish the book and I love being able to use pretty bookmarks. The e-reader cannot compete with that, period. But it also can’t be denied that it is incredibly practical. I have to take the subway everyday so I appreaciate being able to carry five different books without having to actually carry them. Plus when I’m not reading in my language I can just click and have a translation of the word. And it connects to the internet. And possibily has a zillion other functions I don’t even know how to use. So, yes, I also also love my e-reader.


Let me know what you think!

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