Caperucita en Manhattan


The title of the book could be translated as Little Red Riding Hood in Manhattan. It is a book by Carmen Martín Gaite and it is just lovely. I read it when I was kid and the other day I stumbled upon it and decided to read it again.

The book tells the story of Sara Allen who lives in Brooklyn with her parents. Sara loves stories and fantasy while her family is very down to Earth. Every Saturday they go to Morningside in Mahattan to visit her grandmother and Sara loves it because her grandmother, unlike her mum, is always willing to tell her stories and dream with her. So one day she decides to go to her grandmother’s by herself. She will run into very different characters like Miss Lunatic or Mister Woolf and finally create some stories of her own.

The story, loosely based on the traditional tale, is just wonderful. While this is a book children will enjoy, I think it is us adults who will actually enjoy all the little details Carmen Martín Gaite creates in this tale. Sara’s trip will take us to Central Park and 5th Avenue in a story that feels like half reality and half a dream.

I was only able to find the book in Spanish (obviously) and French but if you speak any of these languages, I would definitely give it a try.

Le petit chaperon rouge à Manhattan (French Edition)

P.S. I chose the cover of the French book because it is so much prettier than the Spanish one.


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