One Different Color Nail


It is kind of ironic how much I love nail polish taking into account how little I like my nails. But I can’t help it, it is so much fun to try on different colors and patterns and glitter and so on. So I just love this new trend of painting one nail in a different color. Now, I had been doing this for a while when I read the other day in magazine that it is very fashionable. Not that I’m claiming that it was my creativity, I probably saw it somewhere and just copied it without realizing. However what I didn’t know is that it is supposed to  be just one finger and it should be your ring finger. Well, I have been doing it all wrong since I just did whatever finger I felt like and sometimes even two fingers, a fashion crime I suppose but I don’t really care. Anyway, I like the trend (or my version of it) and I have been doing my nails like that quite a lot  lately.

There is a picture here of the latest I did and I just love the colors (don’t judge my nails though, as I said we don’t have the best of relationships).


Let me know what you think!

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