Like Crazy


Like Crazy is that kind of sweet and tender movie that will make you fall in love and then break your heart. It portrays the story of Anna and Jacob. She is an exchange student from the UK who falls in love with Jacob while in L.A. and decides to overstay her visa. This results on her being banned from the US and their relationship turning into a long distance one. They then struggle to keep their love alive.

Now, I have been in a long distance relationship so I really relate to this movie and it might make me a bit biased. But it shows so well how difficult it is. There is actually one scene where Anna looks at a couple in the subway with a mix of, what I suppose is, jealousy and sadness. It is just a moment and might seem completely unimportant but I can’t even count the number of times I had that same feeling. It is this kind of little details that make the story so complete and truthful.

I don’t know much about cinema but, to me, the filming of this movie is absolutely wonderful. It is not filmed in the usual cronological way. It skips everything that is irrelevant for their relationship and shows you the really meaningful parts, the ones that really matter. You can really see them evolve from a youthful and uncomplicated relationship to a more mature one full of obstacles. You can feel how the distance and the everyday things make them grow distant and feel the pain and disillusioment this causes them. In other words, you feel exactly what they are feeling in every moment and, while it feels natural, it also makes you indescribably sad.

The actors are also fantastic. I had loved Felicity Jones in other movies but I think she does an incredible job in this one. As for Anton Yelchin, it was the first time I saw him but I think he was pretty good too. Everything in this movie is kind of understated so it is both these actor’s ability to express things without actually having to say them that makes this such a great movie.

There is so much more I would like to say about this movie but it is hard to put into words how amazing it is. You will just have to trust me and watch it.


Let me know what you think!

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