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About a boy


Before we all start thinking of Hugh Grant, let me say than I am going to focus on the novel for this post. I love Nick Hornby because even if his prose is nothing extraordinary he tells really original stories with very peculiar characters that I really enjoy. About a boy is one of my favorites because it is sweet and leaves you with a bit of faith in humanity and the world.

It tells the story of Will, a 36 year-old guy who lives off the royalties of “Santa’s Super Sleigh” (a song written by his father) and basically does nothing with his life but fill time. In his quest for single mothers he gets to know Marcus, the son of one of them. He is 12 and is being bullied in school. At first Will is annoyed by Marcus and tries to  ignore him but soon he will find himself helping him out and trying to make him fit in school. A weird friendship that will change both their lives.

As I said, Hornby’s stories are quite original and certainly entertaining but they have certain values that we all can relate to and characters that you will find yourself loving at the end of the book.

As you probably already know, they made a movie which I think was quite good and faithful to the book. However, if you want my opinion, the book is much better, as always.

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Downton Abbey: as great as everyone said it was


I have now finished watching the first season and have a few thoughts about. First, I don’t know myself at all because I remember saying that it was going to take me a while to watch all the episodes from this show and, well, it has taken me just three weeks to watch the first season. Second, it was totally worth it. I even got used to the accent.

Let me start by saying that the house is beautiful and I would really love to visit. And I love the dog. Now I can go on to less irrelevant stuff. I like the characters, they all have a certain depth, just like actual people. I, of course, love Lord Robert and Matthew because, well, who wouldn’t? They are honest, they stand for what they believe in and they always try to to do the right thing. There is not much more you can say about them. It is the female characters who are more interesting (At least as nobility is concerned). I love Mary, she always tries to look more confident and stronger than she actually is and those are qualities that I admire. Sybil I adore, because of her wish to fight for women rights and for being also a strong woman. Edith, I can’t stand. I know we are supposed to be sorry for her but really, this competitiveness with Mary is just too much. A sin that Mary also suffers from but I kind of have a soft spot for her. Lady Violet is awesome, but she is played by Maggie Smith after all. She still provides a lot of entertainment in the show.

Among the servants, I hate Tom and Mrs O’Brien, for obvious reasons and I’m really fond of Anna and Gwen (whose name I just found wasn’t Quin, too much for my understanding the accent). They are both so sweet and looking out for each other. And I like the idea of Gwen trying to be a secretary. I like the other servants but I feel these are the most entertaining.

As for the plot, it’s quite good. Once you figure out who is who, it gets really addicting. I really want Mary and Matthew to work things out. And I absolutely adore the love dialogues between them, they are so much more romantic that what we get nowadays (I was born in the wrong times). I don’t know what they are going to do with Edith for the second season but she certainly looks like a trouble maker so it will be amusing, for sure. I foresee a Mary-Edith war. I’m not very excited about the First World War scenario, if it were for me they should have started the show in 1918 and be done with it, but I will bring some drama.

Summarizing, I can’t wait to start watching the second season  but I am aware that the third one won’t start until September so I will have withdrawal symptoms very soon since I don’t think this second season will last me three weeks. I’m a show addict!

Why did I choose this picture? I mean, have you seen how awesome it is? Sybil is wearing “pants” to dinner! That was a hilarious scene.



Imagine you are driving your car and stop because the light just turned red. Imagine that before it turns green you go blind. Imagine that this doesn’t only happen to you but it starts happening to everybody around you. This is the story of Blindness, one of Saramago’s most popular novels.

If I had to use an adjective to describe this book it would be disturbing. When people start getting blind and it is decided that it is a contagious disease they are forced to live in an asylum. This will bring out the best in some and the worst in others. Life becomes a fierce fight for survival. How far are we willing to go when it is our life what is at stake? How much is our life worth when there is no hope? A study of the human nature and its most basic insticts.

Another futuristic and fatalistic novel? Think again. This is not just a hypothetical situation. Saramago intended to reflect the situation of our current society. We don’t think of ourselves as blind and yet we only see what we want to see. We only fight for ourselves without thinking of the consequences this will have on other people. Our societies are just as fierce and selfish as some of the characters in the book. We don’t realize that staying together and helping each other out is what will save us.

A novel that will leave nobody indifferent.

Glee: Too much singing


I’m not the biggest Glee fan but after a few friends started telling me that I had to watch it and some failed attempts to watch the first episode I started following it. But let me tell you one thing (for which I lot of people will hate I know), I can’t stand all that singing. In fact, I often skip it (don’t tell my friends they would kill me).

I like to watch who gets together with who, if they win regionals or nationals and I enjoy the friendships and rivalry. Basically I enjoy the teenage drama. I even enjoy some songs, sometimes. That being said, how many times do we have to listen to Rachel go on and on about how great she is? How many times are they going to show us that Britney is, well, not smart? And how many times are they going to fix problems with songs? I’m really starting to wonder why I even watch the show.

Actually there are things that I do like. I hate Rachel and Finn and Britney and that new girl who can’t even sing. However I love Quinn. I know her voice might not be quite like Rachel’s but I like it way better,though for some reason she hardly gets any solos. I like her character too. She is so strong and confident and really interesting. Another one of my favorites is Santana. Well, sometimes I really hate her because she can be so mean but that is also why I love her, she is not afraid of saying what she thinks. Puck is fun too, although lately they are making him look like a loser with that cleaning pool business in LA. I adore Emma, she is so lovable, and I’m glad that in last week’s episode it was her the one who stayed in control and had to help out Will. And I’m in love with the Irish guy, although it might just because of the accent.

In other words, Glee is ok. I’m not one for musical shows or movies which is why I will never be crazy about it but entertaining anyway.

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P.S: I know other people have already said this but, cheerleaders do own clothes besides their uniforms.



A long weekend is coming up and I’m obviously looking forward to it but this one is going to be better than others because family and friends will be away. Now I’m not antisocial but I have spent the last three years in different parts of the world where my social interactions, especially at the beginning, were quite limited. So, being back home and having all this “social compromises” (that even sounds important) is exhausting. I love my friends and my parents and I like spending time with them but, being the introvert that I am, I need time for myself. So lately, I’ve been having this feeling that weekends go by and I barely had any time to devote to myself. So this weekend I’m making up for all of it.

I’m going to start by sleeping in, then a bit of pampering with facials, creams and soaps that I don’t even know what to use for and rewatching some of my favorite movies with tons of popcorn. April still insists on sucking so I might even get some rain. And, unfortunately, that will be the end of it because I’ve got a zillion things to do.

As far as responsibilities go, I have to clean the house (you don’t want to know how badly), do tons of homework and studying, put together a scrapbook for my mum’s birthday and, most importantly, get myself a better job (preferably abroad) once and for all. All that in four days.

Too much? Hope not!

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Dry Shampoo and others


I’m having mixed feelings today, on the one hand, my team just lost and I just checked the balance on my bank account and it was depressing. On the other hand, they had nail polishes on sale at Kiko – they can’t keep doing this to me, my nail polish collection is insane!- and I managed to make a decent lasagna. Now I don’t really care about soccer so the loss is not such a big deal plus my neighbor will finally stop singing “hala madrid” in the morning because of it, which means I will finally be able to sleep. I have no solution for my bank account, though, specially if they keep having nail polish on sale.

I don’t really know why I told you all of that because what I really wanted to talk about was dry shampoo but, well, I felt like sharing. Anyway, on to the shampoo, it is great, or as great as temporary solutions go. Believe it or not I am more obsessed with my hair than I am with my nails and I need to keep it clean and styled at all times. However, I have very oily hair so it is difficult. I wash it every day because, even though I know it’s not good, I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror otherwise. But, at the end of the day the roots and the bangs don’t look good so, up until now, if I was planning to go out at night I had to rewash it. Well, not anymore (this is starting to sound like a bad commercial, but trust me, it works). I have started using Sephora’s dry shampoo simply because it was just 5 €. It leaves the hair a bit matt but otherwise clean. I’m planning on trying a different brand when this bottle finishes, just to see if I can get better results with something else, but I’m quite satisfied with it and the price is ok. So if you want to give it a try Sephora is a good option.

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Enough is enough


April, we need to talk. I think it is fair to say that things have not been right between us lately. You started off a bit too warm and I said some things I shouldn’t have about my allergies and so you have started acting out. But, 6°C in the morning, don’t you think that is going a bit too far? And I know I said I like rain but two weeks of grey days with occassional drizzle do not count as rain. So I think it is time for us to patch things up and let spring begin.

I want to wear light dresses and sandals. I want to use my perfect black blazer that took forever to find and which, because of this, I was only able to wear twice before winter started. I’ve got a new pair of sunglasses thatI would like to show off and tons of summery nail polishes that I’m dying to try out. I’m sick of coats, tights and boots. I live in the sunny side of Europe, for crying out loud, I don’t have such a big winter wardrobe. In fact, if I have to put on my black coat once again I promise I will cry. This has gotten out of control.

I think we can both agree that I got the point you were trying to make. I will never complain about an early spring ever again. So, April, are we good now?