Jolie Box: Not Jolie at all


As I told you in a previous post I subscribed to Glamourum, which is now owned by Jolie Box, and so today arrived my first box. It looked pretty and promising but it inside it was a huge disappointment.

Let’s start with the worst product, the Farmatint Light Bath that came in a wonderful dark brown (3N) color. Now, taking into account that my hair is dark brown you can imagine how thrilled I was with this product. Not to mention that I never die my hair.

Next was the anti-wrinkle Natural Honey lotion designed for women from 40 to 55 years old. However, I’m 24, so I don’t know how they reached the conclusion that I could benefit in some way from this lotion.

On third place, were the self-tanning towelettes from Comodynes. This I wouldn’t have minded too much if the box hadn’t been so bad. I guess I’ll use them when we are a little closer to summer or if the weather gets better. I’m not a fan of self, tanning though and, for what I have seen in other blogs, this is the third time they are including these in the boxes so I am not very satisfied.

Another thing that came were the Bioyoga bath salts. They seem to be pretty relaxing and it is nice to have them. My only complaint is that it is only a sample good for just one bath and I don’t pay for samples, those you can get for free.

Finally, the two things that I did like. The blusher from Gisela. It is a bit too pink for my taste but I guess I will use it (unlike some of the other things in this box). It also comes with a discount for their online store which I know I will never use but at least is targeted to me. And, last but not least, the lip gloss from D’Orleac. Now, this one is gorgeous. It is a shiny brownish color that looks really nice and it lasts for a very long time (or at least more than half the day which is how long I tried it).

After seeing all of this, all I can think of is “Why on Earth did I fill in a questionnaire?”. They have certainly not looked at it, nor at my age for that matter. I was not expecting to like everything but giving me two products I can’ even use is plain stupid and a waste of my money. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they send next month but it’d better be good because otherwise I’ll switch to Glossybox.


Let me know what you think!

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