The Jane Austen Book Club


This movie is nothing exceptional but it is quite nice for a rainy day like today. I mean, what could be better than people talking about Jane Austen while you are sitting in the couch under a blanket and a thunderstorm as background noise? Very few things, really.

The movie is about five women and a man who decide to create a book club in which they will only read Jane Austen novels and, throughout the movie, we will see how their own lives resemble these classic stories. Jocelyn tries to act as a match-maker, just like Emma. Allegra will act on her impulses and fall for the wrong girl, make it a guy and you have got Sense and Sensibility. And the same for all the other members of the club.

As I said it is a nice movie, very warm-hearted. If you have not read Jane Austen’s novels I do advise you to read at least a couple (or go on wikipedia, but I prefer the books) to know what they are talking about and to know how their lives resemble the books because, after all, that is what makes the movie interesting. I had not read Mansfield Park nor Persuasion and, after watching the movie, I have decided to add them to my never-ending list of books to read.

One of the things I like about the movie is that they show that there actually is passion in Jane Austen’s characters, one of the main critics made to the author. It might not be as obvious as in other novels, the characters might try to hide it but it is there. In fact I find that a lot of Jane Austen’s work represents a fight between our passions and what our head tells us.

I think this movie provided a very refreshing way to revisit Jane Austen’s world and if you ever get the chance, or a rainy day, you might want to check it out.


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