One Tree Hill: predictable finale


One Tree Hill’s finale didn’t disappoint me nor did it surprise me. It was the happy ending for everybody that I was expecting. And don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I am never going to see these characters again so I want to know that everything we wanted to happen for them did actually happen. I would have liked to see Peyton and they could have saved Lucas’ appearance for the last episode but everybody had their better half and kids so a very sweet and cheesy finale. Just perfect for a girly show.

But let’s talk about how crazy this show got throughout the years. Brook and Peyton both dated Lucas… twice! Haley and Nathan got married while still in high school and had their first kid right after finishing and never, in all the time of the show, did they get a divorce (that’s amazing even for real life). Lucas went into a comma because Keith was driving drunk. Keith got killed by his brother leaving Karen pregnant. Peyton went into drugs, discovered she was adopted and was stalked by a fake brother. And, my favorites, both Nate and his son Jamie were kidnapped. In fact, in one of the last episode Jamie says “You know what’s cool, we’ve both been kidnapped”. I think that sentence just pretty much says it all. Drama, drama, drama.

I won’t miss the show, I have to tell you, because ever since Peyton and Lucas left and they introduced new characters everyone was too goody-goody and always did the right thing. This in TV world means boring, because that is what this show has been for the last three seasons. So yes, I’m glad everyone ended happy but I wished they had done it sooner.

Source: BuddyTV


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