Downton Abbey


I finally made it through the first episode of Downton Abbey. Boy, was that hard work. For one thing the accent kills me, I don’t even know what happened during the first half of the episode, that is how difficult the accent was for me. And then of course there are so many characters that it is hard to follow at the beginning.

Despite all of this I think I liked it, and I say think because I’m not really sure I got it all. It has a lot of plotting and unexpected turn of events only in the first episode so I think it will be addicted in no time. I also like the actors, especially Maggie Smith but I keep thinking of her as McGonagall. And the dresses, I just love period dresses, and the house. I really was born in the wrong time.

Unfortunately spring break is over and all my favorite shows are coming back so it might be a little while until I go back to this one.

Photos from Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Source: ITV


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