Hart of Dixie


Hart of Dixie is finally back, I had missed it! It is about the sweetest show on tv right now. I love Rachel Bilson, I find her incredibly charming and, of course, I love the guys. I like George and I absolutely adore Wade. Not just because he is hot (so hot) but because I really love the character, I’m definitely rooting for him.

On today’s episode Zoe’s dad came to save George’s dad and finally reconnect with Zoe. I loved when she finally yelled at him for being such a jerk, I had been wanting her to do it for a very long time now. I also loved the scene in which he got out of the car, I really expected George Clooney to get off. On a different note, Lemon and George are fighting and he caught a glimpse of her kissing Lavon so may be they will finally break up. I really don’t think those two are right for each other, although I don’t want him to end up with Zoe either. We need more characters on this show.

Anyway, it was a nice episode and I look forward to next week’s episode.

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  1. It’s a girl who is a doctor and, for some reason I don’t remember now, has to move to a little town in the South of US. She pretty much hates it there but has to stay for a year. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s fun to watch. Let me know what you think if you give it a try 🙂

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