LOL: I like you French


LOL is one of my favorite movies. I even own it on DVD which, taking into account that I own like 6 DVDs, is saying a lot.  So imagine my dismay when yesterday I saw that they have made an American version of it.

LOL is a French movie that tells the story of a teenage girl and her relationship with her friends and her family. Nothing that hasn’t been told before but the story is so honest and uncomplicated, nothing a real teenager wouldn’t go through, that I just find it incredibly charming. And don’t be fooled by my age, I’m a teenager at heart. I love all these high school love-drama kind of stories. Besides, the movie is in French so I always have a good excuse for re watching it over and over: I’m learning!

I’m not saying that the American movie is not going to be good but I’m skeptical. Did they really need to make another version of it? I guess their thoughts were Miley Cirus + successful movie = tons of money, and they didn’t go further than that. They just turned it into another American high school movie, just one more in the list when this movie was better than that. It’s not that I don’t like those kinds of movies because, who am I kidding? I do. But this one felt like it was a bit more than just another teenage movie and now they are going to change that. Well, you know what? I’m sticking with the French one, the actors seem better and it takes place in Paris, you can’t compete with that.

File:LOL Poster.jpg


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  1. I’m sorry your favorite movie has gone all American. However, I never heard of this movie, French or English and now I am intrigued. I am always all for regular stories… the ones that actually happen in real life. 🙂 I’m going to check this one out. Thanks!

    • Well, it is nothing extraordinary but it is nice and sweet and I have nothing against doing new versions of movies, it’s just that this particular one doesn’t look very good. Anyway, hope you like it if you watch it.

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