Once Upon a Time: A twist on fairy tales


This year is the 200 anniversary of the publication of Snow White by the brothers Grimm which is why they have produced two movies about this traditional fairy tale. I’m not a big fan of Snow White, probably because in the Disney movie she has short black hair and, as a child, I preferred princesses with long blonde hair (I know, I was a walking cliche) and, to this day, I just find her story quite boring. However, after watching Once Upon a Time – loosely based on this European tale, I’m starting to reconsider.

One of the things I enjoy most about the show is that they make Snow White look like a strong, independent woman and not a defenseless girl in need of a prince at all times. I mean, didn’t her parents at least teach her not to take anything from strangers? Anyway, in this show they rediscover her story and make it much more complex and interesting. They also introduce a lot of fairy tales and tell them from a more realistic point of view, which is probably why they usually lack a happy ending. My favorite so far has been Belle and I’m dying to know more about her.

Unfortunately for these characters they are all under a spell and are forced to live in the dreadful real world and they don’t remember anything except for one little boy. Henry knows exactly what is going on and goes to look for their only possible saviour, who also happens to be his birth mother. There are a lot of plots going on at the same time in this show and a lot of characters whose loyalties remain a mystery, sometimes we don’t even know their real identity. What I’m saying is, basically, mystery mixed with fantasy and fairy tales, does it get any better than that?

It is refreshing to have the Grimm tales and other traditional ones retold in a non-Disney kind of way. Not that I don’t love those movies, I grew up with them and they have very lovable characters, but I appreciate a more mature and intriguing version. A must for those of you who enjoy fantasy and I can only hope that it gets its well-deserved second season.

Source: ABC


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