Enough is enough


April, we need to talk. I think it is fair to say that things have not been right between us lately. You started off a bit too warm and I said some things I shouldn’t have about my allergies and so you have started acting out. But, 6°C in the morning, don’t you think that is going a bit too far? And I know I said I like rain but two weeks of grey days with occassional drizzle do not count as rain. So I think it is time for us to patch things up and let spring begin.

I want to wear light dresses and sandals. I want to use my perfect black blazer that took forever to find and which, because of this, I was only able to wear twice before winter started. I’ve got a new pair of sunglasses thatI would like to show off and tons of summery nail polishes that I’m dying to try out. I’m sick of coats, tights and boots. I live in the sunny side of Europe, for crying out loud, I don’t have such a big winter wardrobe. In fact, if I have to put on my black coat once again I promise I will cry. This has gotten out of control.

I think we can both agree that I got the point you were trying to make. I will never complain about an early spring ever again. So, April, are we good now?


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