Dry Shampoo and others


I’m having mixed feelings today, on the one hand, my team just lost and I just checked the balance on my bank account and it was depressing. On the other hand, they had nail polishes on sale at Kiko – they can’t keep doing this to me, my nail polish collection is insane!- and I managed to make a decent lasagna. Now I don’t really care about soccer so the loss is not such a big deal plus my neighbor will finally stop singing “hala madrid” in the morning because of it, which means I will finally be able to sleep. I have no solution for my bank account, though, specially if they keep having nail polish on sale.

I don’t really know why I told you all of that because what I really wanted to talk about was dry shampoo but, well, I felt like sharing. Anyway, on to the shampoo, it is great, or as great as temporary solutions go. Believe it or not I am more obsessed with my hair than I am with my nails and I need to keep it clean and styled at all times. However, I have very oily hair so it is difficult. I wash it every day because, even though I know it’s not good, I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror otherwise. But, at the end of the day the roots and the bangs don’t look good so, up until now, if I was planning to go out at night I had to rewash it. Well, not anymore (this is starting to sound like a bad commercial, but trust me, it works). I have started using Sephora’s dry shampoo simply because it was just 5 €. It leaves the hair a bit matt but otherwise clean. I’m planning on trying a different brand when this bottle finishes, just to see if I can get better results with something else, but I’m quite satisfied with it and the price is ok. So if you want to give it a try Sephora is a good option.

Source: Vogue


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  1. Hm…. I tried dry shampoo a few years ago and didn’t like it. Though I had long hair at the time (fine hair that tangled easily)…. now I have short hair. This product will be worth experimenting with again now that conditions are different for me (when I actually have money to spend)…. Thanks!

    • Well, it is not a substitute for washing your hair but it can help. And that is why I liked the Sephora one, because it was not too expensive.

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