A long weekend is coming up and I’m obviously looking forward to it but this one is going to be better than others because family and friends will be away. Now I’m not antisocial but I have spent the last three years in different parts of the world where my social interactions, especially at the beginning, were quite limited. So, being back home and having all this “social compromises” (that even sounds important) is exhausting. I love my friends and my parents and I like spending time with them but, being the introvert that I am, I need time for myself. So lately, I’ve been having this feeling that weekends go by and I barely had any time to devote to myself. So this weekend I’m making up for all of it.

I’m going to start by sleeping in, then a bit of pampering with facials, creams and soaps that I don’t even know what to use for and rewatching some of my favorite movies with tons of popcorn. April still insists on sucking so I might even get some rain. And, unfortunately, that will be the end of it because I’ve got a zillion things to do.

As far as responsibilities go, I have to clean the house (you don’t want to know how badly), do tons of homework and studying, put together a scrapbook for my mum’s birthday and, most importantly, get myself a better job (preferably abroad) once and for all. All that in four days.

Too much? Hope not!

Source: Life 123


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