Glee: Too much singing


I’m not the biggest Glee fan but after a few friends started telling me that I had to watch it and some failed attempts to watch the first episode I started following it. But let me tell you one thing (for which I lot of people will hate I know), I can’t stand all that singing. In fact, I often skip it (don’t tell my friends they would kill me).

I like to watch who gets together with who, if they win regionals or nationals and I enjoy the friendships and rivalry. Basically I enjoy the teenage drama. I even enjoy some songs, sometimes. That being said, how many times do we have to listen to Rachel go on and on about how great she is? How many times are they going to show us that Britney is, well, not smart? And how many times are they going to fix problems with songs? I’m really starting to wonder why I even watch the show.

Actually there are things that I do like. I hate Rachel and Finn and Britney and that new girl who can’t even sing. However I love Quinn. I know her voice might not be quite like Rachel’s but I like it way better,though for some reason she hardly gets any solos. I like her character too. She is so strong and confident and really interesting. Another one of my favorites is Santana. Well, sometimes I really hate her because she can be so mean but that is also why I love her, she is not afraid of saying what she thinks. Puck is fun too, although lately they are making him look like a loser with that cleaning pool business in LA. I adore Emma, she is so lovable, and I’m glad that in last week’s episode it was her the one who stayed in control and had to help out Will. And I’m in love with the Irish guy, although it might just because of the accent.

In other words, Glee is ok. I’m not one for musical shows or movies which is why I will never be crazy about it but entertaining anyway.

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P.S: I know other people have already said this but, cheerleaders do own clothes besides their uniforms.


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  1. im a huge glee fan…but confession when i started watching it i too used to skip the songs sometimes ;)…but now i dont..
    also, i have never seen any musical other than glee and will never watch any other musical..

    and i think Santana and Blaine are the best singers in the group
    and yes i too feel the uniform thing..i am always happy when they make britney and santana wear normal clothes.. 😀

    • I think they are so focused on Rachel and Mercedes that they don’t explore the potential the rest of them have. And I also love when they make Santana and Britney wear regular clothes, it’s nice to see them without a ponny tail,
      I have only seen bits and pieces of Revenge when it comes on TV but I might give a try.

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