Imagine you are driving your car and stop because the light just turned red. Imagine that before it turns green you go blind. Imagine that this doesn’t only happen to you but it starts happening to everybody around you. This is the story of Blindness, one of Saramago’s most popular novels.

If I had to use an adjective to describe this book it would be disturbing. When people start getting blind and it is decided that it is a contagious disease they are forced to live in an asylum. This will bring out the best in some and the worst in others. Life becomes a fierce fight for survival. How far are we willing to go when it is our life what is at stake? How much is our life worth when there is no hope? A study of the human nature and its most basic insticts.

Another futuristic and fatalistic novel? Think again. This is not just a hypothetical situation. Saramago intended to reflect the situation of our current society. We don’t think of ourselves as blind and yet we only see what we want to see. We only fight for ourselves without thinking of the consequences this will have on other people. Our societies are just as fierce and selfish as some of the characters in the book. We don’t realize that staying together and helping each other out is what will save us.

A novel that will leave nobody indifferent.


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    • Actually, I think I have that book at home somewhere, so now that I have started with Saramago I will continue. I just need to find it 😛

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