Downton Abbey: as great as everyone said it was


I have now finished watching the first season and have a few thoughts about. First, I don’t know myself at all because I remember saying that it was going to take me a while to watch all the episodes from this show and, well, it has taken me just three weeks to watch the first season. Second, it was totally worth it. I even got used to the accent.

Let me start by saying that the house is beautiful and I would really love to visit. And I love the dog. Now I can go on to less irrelevant stuff. I like the characters, they all have a certain depth, just like actual people. I, of course, love Lord Robert and Matthew because, well, who wouldn’t? They are honest, they stand for what they believe in and they always try to to do the right thing. There is not much more you can say about them. It is the female characters who are more interesting (At least as nobility is concerned). I love Mary, she always tries to look more confident and stronger than she actually is and those are qualities that I admire. Sybil I adore, because of her wish to fight for women rights and for being also a strong woman. Edith, I can’t stand. I know we are supposed to be sorry for her but really, this competitiveness with Mary is just too much. A sin that Mary also suffers from but I kind of have a soft spot for her. Lady Violet is awesome, but she is played by Maggie Smith after all. She still provides a lot of entertainment in the show.

Among the servants, I hate Tom and Mrs O’Brien, for obvious reasons and I’m really fond of Anna and Gwen (whose name I just found wasn’t Quin, too much for my understanding the accent). They are both so sweet and looking out for each other. And I like the idea of Gwen trying to be a secretary. I like the other servants but I feel these are the most entertaining.

As for the plot, it’s quite good. Once you figure out who is who, it gets really addicting. I really want Mary and Matthew to work things out. And I absolutely adore the love dialogues between them, they are so much more romantic that what we get nowadays (I was born in the wrong times). I don’t know what they are going to do with Edith for the second season but she certainly looks like a trouble maker so it will be amusing, for sure. I foresee a Mary-Edith war. I’m not very excited about the First World War scenario, if it were for me they should have started the show in 1918 and be done with it, but I will bring some drama.

Summarizing, I can’t wait to start watching the second season  but I am aware that the third one won’t start until September so I will have withdrawal symptoms very soon since I don’t think this second season will last me three weeks. I’m a show addict!

Why did I choose this picture? I mean, have you seen how awesome it is? Sybil is wearing “pants” to dinner! That was a hilarious scene.


Let me know what you think!

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