Gilmore Girls: my all-time favorite


Remember how last night I said I was tired? Well, that lasted for like half an hour and then I woke up and wasn’t able to sleep for the next three hours. Time that I used to write the post you are about to read so sit down and get comfortable because this is going to be a long one.

As you probably know by now, I love TV shows in (almost) all shapes and forms. This means that I have watched an insane amount of them, both good and bad, but if there is one that I love above all of them it’s Gilmore Girls.

When the show first aired in Spain (around three years after it did in US, I think) I was 15, pretty much like Rory, and I too was living with my single mom. While my relationship with her is not exactly like the one Rory and Lorelai have (my mom is way m0ore down-to-earth than Lorelai and I’m not quite as responsible as Rory), we are pretty close and we talk about almost everything. Therefore you can see why I could so easily relate to this show.

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I loved Rory from minute one with all her books and being a “good girl” (for lack of a better term) because I felt she was a lot like me in that sense. It was the first time that a bookish teenage girl was not portrayed as a loser and that was certainly new for me. And she also had her lovely personality to charm me, I mean, who doesn’t find Rory adorable? As the show went on and Rory got into Chilton I found myself hoping she’d make friends and succeed, much as if she were a real friend of mine.

Of course, what makes the show so special is the mother and daughter relationship. Lorelai is as far from a typical mom as it can be. She is fun, open and very lovable. She is Rory’ best friends and this shows in their conversations and their daily lives. However, it is shown from the very beginning that she can be strict and responsible when the situation requires it.I won’t deny that one of the things that attracted me to the show was their love life. I really enjoyed seeing how Rory grew up and her dating life changed. I liked Dean but him being her first boyfriend wasn’t bound to last. Logan, on the other hand, was a different story. I absolutely adored Logan. A mix of bad boy and smart, well-read guy is really hard to resist. Their break-up didn’t just break Rory’s heart it broke mine. Call me lame, I don’t care, those to belonged together and I still haven’t gotten over it.

Lorelai also had her fair share of boyfriends and while some I loved, others were simply ridiculous (Jason, anybody?). When the show was still on air I was, of course, rooting for Lorelai and Luke and I was happy they ended up together. Now that I have rewatched the show countless times I am not so sure they were right for each other. I don’t think Chris and her would have made it but it would have been interesting to give them a real chance. If you ask me I think Max was really right for her. He just came along too early on the show. However Luke and Lorelai is what we all were expecting so I guess in the end it’s all good.There are a lot of other things that make this show stand out. All the characters from Stars Hollow are incredibly funny and lovable. I particularly like Sookie, Miss Pattie and Kirk. They always made me laugh. Specially Sookie with her clumsiness and her cooking madness. Rory’s grandparents were also fantastic and a great source of entertainment. Emily’s remarks to Lorelai and her comebacks could always put a smile on my face and Friday night dinners often brought interesting conflict and some really sweet moments. And, without a doubt, the insane amounts of junk food these girls can eat. Their movie nights were also very entertaining.

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Let’s not forget the dialogues. These girls spoke at an unbelievable speed and threw in the most unpredictable references while at it. This, believe it or not, not only made the show more unique it also helped a great deal with my English. When I first started watching the show it was dubbed in Spanish. Then the first season finished and the second one didn’t air here until four years later. I’m not a patient person and I had to watch it so I had no option but to do so in English. While my written English was quite good at the time, my listening skills not so much so I really struggled to understand the show and the speed didn’t help. In the end, however, I got used to it and my English experienced a huge improvement. Although I still didn’t get half the references.

I can’t talk about Gilmore Girls without talking about the cast. As much as I love Alexis Bledel, I don’t think she is a very remarkable actress. However, I haven’t seen her play a role more convincingly than when she played Rory. She was really good at it and managed t bring Rory alive. Lauren Graham is, unquestionably, awesome. She does as wonderful job playing Lorelai and I don’t think they could have chosen anyone better for the job. As somebody I don’t remember put it “they really look like mother and daughter” and that is why the show worked so well. The rest of the cast is absolutely marvelous. Let me just mention Kelly Bishop, whom I loved as Rory’s grandmother, Melissa McCarthy, fantastic comedy actress and Matt Czuchry, I was a big fan of Logan but he also did a great job.

Gilmore Girls is, together with Friends, a show that I can watch over and over again and I never grow tired of it. It was unique, original and had a great script and it will always be my all-time favorite.


Let me know what you think!

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