Spring trends


Spring still refuses to honor us with its presence, at least in this side of the world where it has been raining for two weeks, but spring trends have been out and about for a few months now. I’m loving all the pastel shades and color-blocking but there are a few things I just can’t get on board with:

1. Asymmetrical skirts

I know they are really fashionable and all but they just look like badly hemmed skirts to me.

2. Ombre hair

If it doesn’t look good on Rachel Bilson it won’t look good on anybody. Although I know most people won’t agree, this makes the hair look dirty. I know I’m usually too obsessed with hair cleanliness but can you seriously tell me this looks nice?

3. Studded heels

Unless you are planning on using these for self-defense I just don’t see the point. Again, I can’t see the beauty in these.




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  1. Totally agree with the hair!!! However, I love me some asymmetrical skirts! But, again, agree with the heels. Unless you’re going to a shady part of town or something?? Then they might be helpful! 🙂

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