The Beautiful Blogger Award


I’m proud to announce that I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the lovely littlemissobsessivesanatomy. I am incredibly thankful. When I started the blog I thought I would only be writing it for myself and it turned out that, at some point along the way, I got readers! And now it’s awards, this was really beyond my expectations. Anyway, check out her blog because it is great.

Now, 7 things about me and 7 nominations. Here it goes:

1. I’m afraid of the dark.

2. I lived in Canada for a year and I would love to go back.

3. I think Titanic is an incredibly boring movie.

4. When I have to add numbers I still use my fingers, it’s not that I’m bad at math (I used to get good grades) but I just can’t add.

5. I’m a terrible procrastinator.

6. I hate going to clubs

7. I use my Magic 8 Ball when I have to make a decision but if I don’t like the answer I shake it again.

Ok, and now on to the blogs. I only going to nominate three because, really, I don’t know which blogs to nominate without repeating any from last time which, I’m realizing now, it’s not good so if you have an interesting blog, show yourself, I would love to read you ;). Now, three blogs that I think are awesome:

1. Shyanne143

2. Lea At Sea

3. Mars Of The Positive Toxicity


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    • haha, well, I’m not a genius with maths and if I don’t have a calculator it’s impossible for me to get it right but I get the concept. And good to know I’m not alone with the clubs thing 😉

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