The Secret Circle: Blah


Yesterday I had one of my worst procrastination episodes. This means that at 5 a.m. I was still working on a translation I had to hand in this morning. It was bad. I don’t know how the translation turned out but I am certainly exhausted. Luckily tomorrow is a holiday (yes, in Spain we get a lot of holidays :), specially in the warm months) so I will be able to sleep in and recover. All of this is just my way of excusing myself for not posting yesterday but it was just impossible.

Back to business now, last week was the finale of The Secret Circle. This show seemed promising during the first two episodes and, ever since, it has gone downhill. It started with Cassie coming to live with her grandmother after her mother died. There she will discover that she is a witch and that she is not alone. There are five others. They are all the children of her mother’s friends. And then there are devils, witchhunters, long lost fathers and a whole lot of witch-related stuff.

As I said it started off well, creating a bit of mystery with her mom and what happened to their parents but then it just became Charmed in one of its last seasons. Constant threats, dead people coming back to live and a lot of unnecessary drama. I love fantansy shows and I particularly like witches but this show does not do it for me. The characters are not particularly interesting and the plot does not seem to go anywhere. I’m not sure it will be picked up for a second season but I am not holding my breath.

Source: Darkiller


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    • Really? Did you like it? I was not very hooked after the first episode but then I ended up watching the whole two seasons in three weeks

      • to be honest first episode left me all confused but im not going to judge the show based on it..because pilot episodes are not a good presentation of whats coming… i rem when i saw Dexter for the fist time i was like WTF is this…next thing i know i was hooked to it…

        Lookin forward to few more episodes of Downton Abbey

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