Hart of Dixie


This week is a finales’ marathon since a lot of shows are coming to an end, well, until September anyway and I have a lot of thoughts. I just finished watching Hart of Dixie which I think is the cutest show on tv right now. The first 30 minutes of the show I was growing disappointed because I was expecting for the finale to be just more of the same. George would just postpone the wedding but still be undecided about Zoe and Lemon and nothing would happen between Wade and Zoe. Boy, was I wrong!

Let’s start with the beginning. The town is getting ready to celebrate the wedding in the town square and everybody is helping out. Am I alone in thinking that this was a lot like Gilmore Girls? Stars Hollow preparations for the different celebrations were pretty similar. Plus the weird town characters. It does remind me of the show and I love Hart of Dixie even more because of that. Back to the episode, there is a storm coming and they have to move the wedding inside and everything that could possibly go wrong does. In the end George realizes that he is in love wth Zoe (about time) and calls off the wedding. In the meantime Zoe is trapped in a barn with Wade and when they are finally get home they sleep together (about time too). Only to have George show up on her door later on. And after that we are left to wait for the second season.

You have no idea how much I loved the episode. But I have been team Wade all along and I just hate that it is only now that George decided to break up with Lemon. It will provide  an interesting love triangle for next season, though. However where I think this show is great is in the secondary characters who are fun and weird and very lovable. I love the small town subplots: Annabeth getting the Memory Matron thing over Lemon, Magnolia being Rose’s slave because she feels guilty, and Dash (the guy from Family Matters) just being Dash. A sweet show that, luckily, got a second season so I’m happy.

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