Desperate Housewives


Another finale, I know, it’s getting repetitive but I saw this one yesterday and I might have shed a few tears since this was not a season finale but the real deal. This show was absolutely awesome when it started 8 years ago but as time went by its plots got more and more unrealistic and far-fetched but that always happens with shows so I won’t be too fuzzy about it. However, I have to confess that I never stopped having fun with it.

In terms of characters Gabrielle was always my favorite housewife because she was never afraid to look shallow and materialistic and I loved how she manipulated everybody to get what she wanted. She was never boring, that is for sure. And yet, she managed to have quite a few “good person” moments. Plus she always did all of this in heels and, generally, really pretty clothes. Lynette was my second favorite because she could be a lot like Gabby but her intentions were usually good. She could be a bit too pushy sometimes and her clothes not as great as Gabby’s which is why she didn’t make first place. I did love seeing her deal with the twins when they were young, though. Bree was ok but too stiff for my taste and I didn’t like the way she behaved with her kids. As for Susan I absolutely hate her. I would have loved the show so much more if she hadn’t been in it. She truly got on my nerves with her “everything happens to me” attitude. How she managed to be a single mom is really beyond me.

Back to the finale, I think it was quite nice. The whole trial thing was a bit too much but it did have a happy ending so I won’t complain. Renee running in heels and a wedding gown was fun. The first dress was probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on and the second was a definite improvement but the flower they put on her head was rdiculous to say the least. Nice wedding scenes with Lynette’s toast and Gabby and Carlo’s tango thing. Bree seemed to get a good husband after all and Susan’s plot was just blah. The happy ending we were all hoping for. Until the very last scene which I thought was great: the new neighbor hiding yet another secret. Call me sentimental but these show was all about secrets and mysteries so that was just the cherry on top of the cake.

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