Gossip Girl: promising finale?


I know, I know, yet another show’s finale review but I  promise this will be the last one for this season and, have you watched Gossip Girl lately? Because if you have you can’t blame me and if you haven’t, well, then you are probably better off.

For one thing I am glad that Blair and Dan are broken up because I don’t think anybody believed that relationship for a second. There was no chemistry between then and I never felt like they were a real couple. It was just utter ridiculous, Blair Waldorf would never date Dan Humphrey. Serena and Nate have been incredibly boring this season. The real Charlie is not half as interesting as the fake one. Evil Lily makes no sense, because it just happened really fast and for no apparent reason. And her sister and husband I just find boring. As for Chuck, well, when he is playing at being good his voice just seems stupid and his bow ties nerdy (although as I’m writing this I’m not even sure he wore them this season, I guess that is how interesting he was).

As you can tell I am not very satisfied with the season. I think this is one of those shows that should have finished a while ago and that they are just keeping it in agony. They still have one more year because of some contract thing (I think) so we still have at least one more season. On the bright side the finale did look promising. Chuck went back to being bad and will probably have to scheme to get the company back, so will Blair to get him back. So basically these two will go back to what they know best and what we love them for: manipulating. The real Gossip Girl is back so we might finally get some fun out of that. Serena and Blair are no longer friends and she is going down an spiral of vice and moral depravation. Don’t judge me, I know it won’t last and it will spice thing up for a little while. Charlie seems to have something in store to liven up her character and hopefully Nate’s too. Last but not least, Lily and Rufus will finally go back to having a part in the plot. The future for the show seems bright, or at least better than the present, so I have hope.

Source: StuffPoint

P.S. This means that I have pretty much finished watching all the shows I like and I’m in desperate need of some new ones so SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED!



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