I have a crazy obsession with notebooks. I love them in all shape of form. Every time I see a pretty stationary’s shop I have to go in and I usually go out with a notebook and, more often than not, a few other things because it is not just the notebooks I like but they certainly are what I love the most. I particularly love buying them when I’m abroad because it is a nice memory to have from a place.

Now you might probably think this is a harmless obsession, after all, notebooks are not expensive. And that is true. The problem with me is that the notebooks are so pretty that I only want to use them to write special things. Unfortunately, nothing I have to write ever seems special enough so all these notebooks remain unused throughout the years. The funny thing is that when I actually end up writing a story or something like that I always do it on loose pieces of paper that are kept in ugly folders. I realize how stupid this is which is why I decided to put a stop to this. This summer I’m planning on using these ones to write some stories. The one with the flower has been of my shelve for seven years so I think I will be starting with that one.


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    • Yes, it’s fun to buy them I just love them. And at least you have stuff written on them. You can always go back and see what things used to be like.

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