If you are reading me beyond European borders you might not know what Eurovision is. Well, it is the most awesome contest ever invented. It is fun, ridiculous, crazy, competitive and hilarious. Basically it is a singing contest in which each European country competes with a singer or band and then the countries vote. Simple. And yet so great. The bands and singers have tendency to wear weird costumes or have strange performances because here nobody cares how you sing (or not much anyway), what matters is if I you can remember them after 24 performances. In case you are curious, Spain has won twice but I wasn’t born back then so I have never seen Spain win, nor do I think I will. As much as I would love to see Spain on top just once our performers suck, they are usually too serious about their performance, meaning, not Eurovision material. However, like in everything, this is all about politics or more like immigrants. You can not vote for the country you are living in. That is, if I’m in Spain I can not vote for Spain, so immigrants are the main source of votes. Spain doesn’t have many immigrants (although that is changing now so we might be surprised this year) which means the only countries that vote for us are France, Portugal and Andorra. Pretty sad. Either way, I have accepted this and now I just choose another country to root for and I think I have a strange ability to jinx them because those usually loose too.

Whoever wins or loses, however fairly or unfairly the votes are cast and whomever is the best or the worst, what is for sure is that this is fun and the voting process quite exciting. Now comes the tragedy of my life: this year I accepted a birthday invitation for tonight. I can’t back out now because it’s a good friend but I hate myself so much for not realizing this was the same day as Eurovision. I will have to watch it later but it will not be the same as live.  For those of you living in Europe and with no plans for tonight, I’m jealous. And also, I leave you the video for Spain’s performance, in case you are feeling like voting for us although if you don’t I won’t blame you (this is beyond terrible).


Let me know what you think!

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