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Translations, make up and birthdays


Today has been an exciting day because I got my first paid translation offer so I’m really happy. I still don’t now if they will choose to hire me because I graduated recently and, of course, I don’t have all the experience they would like me to have. But still, this could be a first step.  Of course, it is coming at the worst possible time because next week I have to take some exams as well as give my students exams so it is a busy time but this is what usually happens.

I also got the last few things I ordered online and I realized that my make up shopping might have gotten a little out of control so I promised myself to be a good girl and not buy any more until.. well for the next year or so.

Lastly, this week is packed with birthdays (4 actually) which means a lot of dinners and that I’m not having much time to post.




I have made up my mind, actually I did that a while ago but now it really looks like it will be happening. Either way, this is where I plan on spending my summer and hopefully a bit longer than that.

For some weird reason I’m in love with Scandinavia so I started learning Swedish. This summer, if all goes well,  I will be taking my second course over there. Can’t wait.

Gossip Girl: promising finale?


I know, I know, yet another show’s finale review but I  promise this will be the last one for this season and, have you watched Gossip Girl lately? Because if you have you can’t blame me and if you haven’t, well, then you are probably better off.

For one thing I am glad that Blair and Dan are broken up because I don’t think anybody believed that relationship for a second. There was no chemistry between then and I never felt like they were a real couple. It was just utter ridiculous, Blair Waldorf would never date Dan Humphrey. Serena and Nate have been incredibly boring this season. The real Charlie is not half as interesting as the fake one. Evil Lily makes no sense, because it just happened really fast and for no apparent reason. And her sister and husband I just find boring. As for Chuck, well, when he is playing at being good his voice just seems stupid and his bow ties nerdy (although as I’m writing this I’m not even sure he wore them this season, I guess that is how interesting he was).

As you can tell I am not very satisfied with the season. I think this is one of those shows that should have finished a while ago and that they are just keeping it in agony. They still have one more year because of some contract thing (I think) so we still have at least one more season. On the bright side the finale did look promising. Chuck went back to being bad and will probably have to scheme to get the company back, so will Blair to get him back. So basically these two will go back to what they know best and what we love them for: manipulating. The real Gossip Girl is back so we might finally get some fun out of that. Serena and Blair are no longer friends and she is going down an spiral of vice and moral depravation. Don’t judge me, I know it won’t last and it will spice thing up for a little while. Charlie seems to have something in store to liven up her character and hopefully Nate’s too. Last but not least, Lily and Rufus will finally go back to having a part in the plot. The future for the show seems bright, or at least better than the present, so I have hope.

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P.S. This means that I have pretty much finished watching all the shows I like and I’m in desperate need of some new ones so SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED!


Despicable Me


I came back home after a very disturbing evening in the theater and thought it was the perfect time to watch Despicable Me. The play I watched was “Of Mice and Men” and, while I can’t say I didn’t like it, it did left me with a very bitter feeling. The whole purpose of the play I suppose but, anyway, I wanted to watch something light and fun. Despicable Me is all those things plus incredibly sweet and adorable. The animation is great, or at least I think so, and it made me laugh. The plot is ok. Gru is a villain that finds himself adopting three kids and has to learn to live with them. Lots of pink, and ballet recitals and pancakes. Could you ask for more? If you are spending the evening home this movie would be a good choice.

By the way, I know need a very fluffy unicorn.



I’ve been postponing this post because I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to say about this book. Did I like it? Yes, no, Kind of. It was easy to read and it raised some very interesting questions but in the end, it was far from satisfying.

Plaform tells the story of Michel a man with no faith or purpose in life. After his father dies he decides to go on a trip to Thailand where he will meet Valérie and, despite his scepticism, will fall in love with her. This will give some meaning to his life and will introduce us into Valérie’s world. She works in the tourism industry and finds herself trying to promote a failed chain of hotels.

One of the first feelings I got after finishing the book is that Houellebecq is a bit all over the place. I enjoyed the nihilistic nature of Michel’s character, a product of today’s society. He finds no meaning or joy in life and spends his days watching television and doing a job he doesn’t care about. It sounds to me like a lot of the people that populate the Western world who live out of habit without trying to make something of their existence. This is not, however, everybody as Houllebecq tries to make us believe and here is one of the biggest mistakes he makes in the book: generalization. Yes, there are people like Michel but they are just a part of the population, his feelings don’t represent the feelings of the whole European society. Besides, he never tries to explain why Michel is this way. We are left to assume that it was society and his dad’s lack of parenting skills but to me, this doesn’t seem enough. This is another of the problems in this novel: it lacks depth.

Then there is the question of sex tourism. I simply can not accept that sex tourism is a natural consequence of our society and much less that it is something that should be condoned. He accuses our society of puritanism and double standards. And while I do think his accusations are right I don’t think this means we should allow prostitution. We should be able to talk about it but to stop it and not to promote it. Not to mention all the unjustified sex scenes in the book. Call me conservative, but there were times in which Valérie seemed more like a character from an adult movie than one from a regular fiction book.

Another of the things that brought him big criticism was the anti-Muslim passages in the novel. I do think that some of the points he makes are true but, like he did with the Western world, he tends to generalize and a lot of the things he says can not be applied to everybody. Besides, what he criticizes in Islam could be criticized in a lot of other religions. He makes Islam look like the big enemy of the Western world but the excuses he tries to give for this point of view lack a real knowledge of Islam . I am an atheist and have very strong opinions about religion and yet he doesn’t manage to convince me of Muslims being the big evil of our days.

Reading this book I felt like I was listening to somebody ranting in bar, it might be amusing and slightly entertaining but it is just that, ranting, not a very meaningful reflection. He does manage to raise some interesting points and he is successful in pointing out the hypocrisy of our world but that is it. I think it is a book that had potential but ended up being too superficial.

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So it’s Friday and I am tired, mentally more than physically but tired nonetheless so I am going to keep this brief. First, I was browsing videos on youtube and came across this one which I just love. It’s Friday Night Dinner at the Gilmore’s and Lorelai figures out God is a woman.

And secondly, I just don’t know why I didn’t know this movie existed but I am so watching it this weekend. If only for the girl yelling “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”.



I always try to stay positive because, really, what is the point in being negative? If something goes wrong at work or I have some sort of disappointment I get upset, obviously, but then I just try to solve the problem because anything else would make no sense. But there are times in life when that is not enough. I try to be positive and focus on the issue but when your heart is involved that is simply not enough. And hoping and wondering are just emotions I don’t want to deal with because those are feelings I can do nothing about.

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