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Amy Sherman-Palladino has a new show and it’s…, well it’s summer, that’s what it is, so I will watch pretty much anything. It is not so bad, though, and it has Kelly Bishop behaving a lot like Emily Gilmore, so I will give it points for that.

The show is about Michelle, a showgirl who lives in Vegas, whose marriage to a small-town guy will turn her life upside-down. After the wedding they move to his home town and, after her husband’s death, she will find herself the owner of a huge house and lands. She will then have to learn how to live in a small town and with her mother-in-law, Fanny. She is a ballet teacher, and nothing has really happened yet, but I suspect Michelle might get involved in the whole ballet thing.

As I say, it is not great, and the script is far from the witty lines of Gilmore Girls, but it is watchable. Probably not much to say for a show but it’s hot andall I want to do is sit on the couch and melt while watching something moderately entertaining.


Hacerse el sueco: origins


There is an expression in Spanish “hacerse el sueco” which basically translates as “to do the Swedish”. So, for example, when you are in the subway, see that old friend from school that you haven’t seen in ages and pretend not to see him to avoid an awkward conversation, then you are doing the Swedish. Or, when my mom accuses me of not visiting her even though I said I would and I answer with “what?, did I say that? I don’t remember” but I know perfectly well I did say it, then I’m doing the Swedish too. Or, when the hundreds of Swedish people I have e-mailed this week choose to ignore the e-mails in their inboxes and pretend they never saw them, then, they are doing the Swedish. Well, at least I discovered how the expression came to be.

Luckily, not all Swedish people do it and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Try the video, this guy couldn’t be a better example 😉

Moonrise Kingdom


On Saturday evening I spent one hour and a half watching this movie and half listening to my friend saying she is never going to let me pick a movie again. On my defense, the trailer of Moonrise Kingdom looked really sweet and she never ever chooses anything. I, however, thought the movie was ok.

It is about two children who fall in love and decide to run away from their families together. However policemen, boy scouts and social services will stand on the way of their young love. I know, it sounds cheesy but it really is not. I think the way it is presented is quite unconventional and the characters are quite original and transmit the sadness of the empty lives the two kids are trying to avoid. It’s a bit extravagant but if you keep an open mind, it’s quite nice.

I admit the children are weird and have a strange behavior but, at the same time, that is what makes the movie interesting. It was not sweet the way I thought it would be when I saw the trailer (kind of like Little Miss Sunshine) but it was cute on its own way. I think, that the only complaints I have are not about the movie itself but about the dubbing. I’m not against dubbing, per se, but children usually have terrible dubbers (try watching Harry Potter in Spanish and you will want to kill yourself). Other than that I think the movie was alright and would have been a lot more enjoyable without my friend. So, lesson learned, next time I’m going to the movies on my own, that way I will also avoid dubbing, it’s a win-win for my friend and for me.

Apartment hunt


Trying to find an apartment is a very stressful experience. Trying to do so from a different country and not being able to see the place in person is simply going to kill me. Today I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer and started looking at apartments only to find tons of information explaining how difficult it is to find accommodation in Sweden. To that you need to add the fact that my Swedish is limited to “Hello, How are, Can you talk a little bit about your family” so even when I do find adds I have to go to Google translator to actually understand what they say. Very frustrating.

In the end I managed to find and answer some offers but my stress level is off the charts. So, basically, all I can do now is have some lime tea, that I actually don’t have,  and convince myself that I won’t be living under a bridge for the whole month of August. Good luck to me.

Doctor Zhivago


It has been four hours but I can now say that I have watched Doctor Zhivago. The movie is three and a half hours long but you couldn’t expect me to watch this all at once. There were snack breaks, bathrooms breaks and Facebook breaks but I finally finished. My neck might take a while to recover from all this lying in the couch but my veredict for the movie is positive.

I watched the 2002 version, the one with Keira Knightly, and I am quite satisfied. Basically it is all I expected it to be: a very long Russian drama which, for me, is always an enjoyable option and a way to kill time until Anna Karenina comes to Spanish theaters. There is love, unrequited love, bad guys, good people standing on the way of happiness. It’s got all a good drama needs. I particularly enjoyed the political background because all I studied in school about Russia was the Russian Revolution but never what happened afterwards. I also read 1984 but I don’t think basing my knowledge of post-Revolutionary Russia on that book is completely fair. So, what I’m saying is that the movie provided an interesting and unsettling historical background.

Then I went on Wikipedia to find out a bit more about the novel and the history of Russia and discovered that this was a pretty controversial book at the time. The manuscript had to be smuggled out of Russia , because the soviet authorities considered it subversive, to be published in Italy in both Russian and Italian. It was an immediate success and Boris Pastermak was awarded the Nobel prize a year later. This didn’t make the U.S.S.R very happy which is why he didn’t attend the acceptance ceremony. That, however, didn’t change the fact Doctor Zhivago had become an international “best-seller”.

All of this just leads to one conclusion: I need to read the novel. Probably this summer because, with some luck, all the snow in the book will make the heat more bearable.

Two of a Kind


Every time I do my nails I like to watch something, preferably something that I have already watched or not very interesting because I don’t pay too much attention. Usually that would be either Friends or David Letterman interviews. But a few days ago as I decided to try water marbling I went on Youtube and stumbled upon Two of a Kind videos and started watching some episodes. ” How long does it take you to do your nails?” you might be wondering. Well, usually quite a bit because I file, do cuticles, paint and stamp. So it does take me a while but when I decided to try water marbling it started to take forever because I find it impossible to do. The funny part here is that after two failed attempts at this technique and a couple other manicures I found myself watching Two of a Kind even when my hands were not involved. I was hooked!

I know I had watched this show as a kid but I really didn’t remember anything about it. And now I find it so cute. I love the Olsen twins, I think they were adorable kids and the plot is not too bad for a family show of the 90s. I particularly love Ashley with all her boys and clothes trouble. So here I was with all this fuzzy, long-lost-childhood feelings when I went on imdb to check the episodes of the show and discovered that it only had one season. And just like that my moment of happiness shattered because I have already watched like half of them so either I need to get faster with my manicures or find something else.



Friday is finally here and I have a fried brain and weird smelling hair. The first is due to spending the whole week trying to figure out what “vente parfaite” , “épouvantal fantasmagorique” and “enfilage de la machine” are. In other words doing a French translation that has been a nightmare because, let me tell you, translators need context for a reason. The second part is due to permanent straightening creme that didn’t even work. Well, actually, it worked a little but I will still need to use the flat iron to make it look the way I like so basically 16 € and one and half hour totally wasted.

It is the beginning of the weekend, though, so I put it all behind me and went through my usual routine of checking Facebook, e-mail… And turns out I had an e.mail notifying me that the Pottermore House Cup will be awarded in a weeks. I registered to Pottermore ages ago but I ever really used it because I didn’t really get what I had to do. But since it was the House Cup I felt like I could give it a second chance, and be sorted into a House for that matter. I still don’t get what I am supposed to do exactly but Imoved on from chapter 1 which is good. I was disappointed that they didn’t let me keep a white owl as a pet so I had to settle for a white cat but the Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor so I had decided to let it go. And then the brewing potion thing happened. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. It was so incredibly frustrating that I don’t know if I will ever log in again. It kept me entertained though and I made me want to reread the books for the hundredth time so it wasn’t so bad after all.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, try Pottermore at your own risk.