Friday finally arrived, who would have thought, and so I decided to enjoy it and went to Bollymadrid. It is celebrated throughout the weekend and it is basically used to promote the Indian culture in Madrid (therefore the name). It’s not very big but really nice all the same. Now, I have a bunch of pictures but, as always, forgive my lack of photographic skills.

First we went to this area which is where they sell clothes and jewelry. I just love that everything is so colorful. Most of the stands were from NGOs and sold stuff made by Indian people and then use the money to help out over there so I didn’t even have to feel guilty about shopping.

Aren’t these adorable?

And this is what I bought. I had been dying to try the “powdered” kohl so I finally got it. Now I just have to see how handy I am with it.

Of course, nothing says Indian like Indian food and even though I’m not a fan of spices I do love samosas (I had five) and gulab jamun so it was definitively worth it.

Only my second samosa

Lastly there was music which was quite cool but there was no place to sit and my feet were killing me so I left early. I was told there was dancing later on, I’ll post some pictures when I get them, but I totally missed that. There was also a Bollywood movie afterwards but as much as I would have loved to watch it there is no way I could have put up with  the heat and standing up for so long.

Either way, a really interesting initiative, a great way to spend the evening and a good way to start the weekend.


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    • Well, my ex was from Pakistan so he shared some knowledge 😛 and my mum went to India last summer and has been obsessed with it ever since so she tends to talk a lot about it. It seems like a really interesting country and I hope to travel there someday.

    • By the way, how are samosas supposed to be if not like this? The ones over here are all like that and I thought they were the real deal :S

      • well India and Pakistan have so much similar…food, dresses, language and more..
        wow your mom was in India…i hope she had a good trip… 🙂
        usually a samosa is not this flat in shape…a standard samosa is triangle, puffy and has potato filling in it… i really need to have one today .. 🙂

      • She didn’t like it, she loved it. She is completely obsessed with it now.
        This samosa had the triangle shape although it had meat inside, they had the vegetable samosas but I’m not big on vegetables.

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