There is one thing you should know about me, at heart, I am still 16. I am saying this because that is the only reason that would explain my recent obsession with Awkward. The reason to explain why I watched all 12 episodes in two day and I’m rewatching them can only be insanity. Yet, I can’t help it.

The show is about Jenna, a 16 year old high school girl who feels like she is invisible to the world. However her status in her school will change after she suffers an accident everyone will consider a suicide attempt. She is also in love with Matty, one of the most popular students who is too afraid of what other people might think to publicly admit he likes her too. Simple, cliched and totally unoriginal and there is still something to it that keeps me glued to the screen. The cast is surprisingly good, specially for this kind of shows, and Jenna feels like the kind of student most of us were in high school, not popular not unpopular and dying to be appreciated. The adults in the show provide fun comedy and the show has a comic but yet realistic view of teenage life.

I might be having withdrawal symptoms from the summer break of most shows I like and that is why I watched this show so fast but I actually think it is quite good, although not necessarily suited for the age stated in my ID. If anything, it makes me laugh.


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