Ever since I started the blog I knew I wanted to talk about Game of Thrones and yet I kept postponing because there is so much that can be said about it that I just didn’t know what to say. For one thing, if you still haven’t read the books you should, they are the best fantasy books I have read, by far. Except for Harry Potter, but that is a whole different thing. So go read them, or at least watch the show.

Anyway I decided that I am only going to talk about Danaerys because she is my absolute favorite. Tyrion is great and very sharp and he is certainly next on my list but Dany is awesome. Women tend to be left in the background in a lot of fantasy novels but that is not the case in Game of Thrones which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. Dany is strong while being caring and fair. Her youth makes her makes mistakes sometimes but she always tries her best to make the right decision even if she doesn’t like it. Unlike the Starks, however, I feel that she is not so blinded by stupid honor that leads nowhere and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. And she has dragons, how cool is that? I wish they had kept the purple eyes in the show but I won’t be too picky though because I do like the actress and I think they are doing a great job.

I hate her story line in the last book but I have high hopes for her and wish that someday she will get the seven kingdoms back, if Martin ever decides to finish the series, that is.


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    • Ok, drop everything and read the first book, if you are not hooked after that you are allowed to go back to your reading list 😉

  1. I love the books! However Martin has still to finish the series and that drives me mad!! I’ve finally learned my lesson and check to see if the author has actually finished the whole story before starting to read! Arya is one of my favourite characters and of course Tyrion, I love his no-nonsense approach! Great blog!

    • I reached the same conclusion you did! I hate starting a series and then having to wait for the following book. But Martin is just soooo slow. I hope that now that they started the show he will hurry up but I don’t know if he is capable. As for Arya, I know I should like her because she has a lot of qualities I like but I don’t like her story very much. In fact I am not a big fan of any of the Starks, they are too honorable 😛

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