Book Fair


I just got back from the book fair that is celebrated in Madrid these days and my feet are just killing. What is the result of browsing books for two hours? Just this:

And only because my mum offered to buy it and I thought it would be a good idea to practice my Italian. All in all, it was a very unsatisfying evening. First books are ridicoulously expensive in this country but there is nothing new there. Secondly, buying books is not the same since I got my e-reader. It’s not just that electronic books are usually cheaper, it is just that now I wouldn’t buy a 400-page book because I am not willing to carry two extra kilos in my bag. And also, unless the edition is pretty or has something special I just don’t see the point to paper over electronic. Spanish editors really need to wake up and start making improvements because with things as they are they are losing money by the second and then they will blame piracy…

I’m digressing, though. The fair was nice, as always, and I love being surrounded by books but it’s just not the same anymore.

By the way, I will announce the giveaway tomorrow, and yes it is book-related πŸ™‚


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  1. i love book fairs too..because i get to be around books even i dont buy them i can just enjoy looking at them..i like buying them whether i read them or not ..specially if i had a bad day or week i know am going book shopping πŸ™‚
    a giveaway? sounds exciting πŸ™‚

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