Tin Man


This is one of those movies that I should have watched ages ago but some reason I never got around to. Now that I finally have I really wonder what I was waiting for. I have not finished yet because it has three parts but, so far, it seems good. It is not a fantastic movie but it is a very interesting twist in The Wizard of Oz story. It is a much darker and up-to-date version of Baum’s tale and I just love when this trend of making traditional children storied into more obscure and complicated stories. It is still far from Once Upon A Time, which I love, but it is still quite enjoyable.

Did I mention that the character of Dorothy is played by Zooey Deschannel? Only that would have made  it a definite watch in my list but I didn’t find out until today. It seems a bit weird to see her in that role since now I can only picture her as Jess, but she is still good at it (although I really wished she had worn different pants).

I never really liked The Wizard of Oz as a kid and, in fact, I have never even watched the movie with Judy Garland, but as a grown-up I have had a reconciliation with this story. Mostly thanks to Wicked and this movie which kind of makes me think that it is not really a reconciliation it is just that this stories are only loosely based on the original. Either way, it’s a nice movie for a Saturday evening.

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