Sense and Sensibility.


I decided to use my Sunday evening to finally watch Sense and Sesibility. I had read the book a while ago but I had never watched the movie. It was quite nice and it raises a very controversial issue: whether you should listen to your heart or your head. Balance is, obviously, the best solution and that is what I think Austen was trying to prove in this novel but I don’t think that in real life we can really do it. I see myself a lot like Marianne, very impulsive and always following my emotions so I find it easy to empathize with her, however Eleanor is like a foreign world to me. It is therefore interesting to see how they both behave, not only with the man in their life, but with each other.

The cast is amazing, my favorites being Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman (although, after Snape, it is hard to see him playing the good guy). I know, that is almost the whole cast but as I said it is really great. There is also Hugh Grant who does a good job too.

I still prefer Pride and Prejudice but I have to admit it’s just because I love to see Darcy and Elizabeth arguing. Sense and Sensibility, on the other hand, talks about attitudes and emotions that are much more present in our world (or at least mine) so I felt more involved. Your choice really, I think all Jane Austen’s stories are worth reading and so are all the movie adaptations I have seen so far.


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  1. I love the book but for me the film is a bit of a letdown as I think both hugh Grant and Emma Thompson are too old … but hey it is agood sunday afternoon film

    • Really? I thought they were ok but may be because I love Emma Thompson. However I had issues with the relationship between the sisters, I can’t remember how it was in the book, but here they don’t seem to care much about each other. I don’t know if it was the actresses or the script but it didn’t feel like the relationship they should have.

      • I think it’s up to you what you think and feel but yes the sisterly relationship isn’t as close as it is in the book

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