Swedish Summer


Today I finally booked my Swedish course for this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I still need to find a place to live for a month and book the flight and basically everything except for the actual course but this is the first step that makes it seem real. I don’t know if my Swedish will be good enough to actually communicate with people or if I will make friends at all but it is a new challenge and it’s exciting.

I love traveling but I feel that spending just a few days in place doesn’t really give you a chance to get to know the place. This is why I love the idea of going to Gothenburg for a month because it will give me the chance to see much more than just a few days plus I hope to be able to do some little trips over the weekend. We’ll see how it all goes but for now I’m happy. So happy that I wanted to listen to some Swedish music and I have become obsessed with this song which I know is kind of silly even with my limited knowledge of the language and yet I can’t stop listening to it. Wish me luck!


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  1. Hey, how exciting! When are you going? What kind of a course is it? For short-term lets I can recommend blocket.se, it seems to have a lot of flats that are available for a month or a week or so… good luck!

    That song is really catchy 🙂

    • I’m going in August and it’s a Swedish course. It’s the A2 level which is basic Swedish. I will check it out because finding a place is now my biggest priority. Thanks!

  2. I completely agree that spending a month in a place is way better than just a few days. It always bugs me when someone says that they’ve “been” somewhere, and you ask how long, and they say “two days while I was passing through.”
    I mean, that is technically “being” there, but not totally. And it depends on how they are talking about it…so enough of that! I am glad that you are going in August, that is great! It is amazing to have dreams come true, and to mix learning with adventure. Cocktail of awesomeness 🙂

    • Exactly, if you have been to place for two days you might have seen all the touristic stuff but what about everything else?
      And I really hope my trip it is a cocktail of awesomeness, hahaha.

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