Pretty Little Liars: nice comeback


Pretty Little Liars is back and I couldn’t be happier. Today I spent literally 5 hours commuting, one of the lovely perks of my job is that I teach in different places and since the car is at the repair shop I had to use the bus which takes way longer. What I’m saying is I was tired and after a day like this coming home to some fast food and teenage mystery drama was a relief. Plus PLL doesn’t dissappoint. I am a bit lost at this point with some parts of the plot because they twist it all so much but it is still good.

In terms of the plot it is as intriguing as ever. Emily can’t remember what happened to her, Mona is kind of creepy but interesting, Spencer’s mom is hiding something (as her family always is), Meredith might be the new bitch in town and Jenna can see. And did I mention Aria and Ezra? I just love those two.But let’s go back to Mona, for one thing I don’t know what she did with the tweezers because I suspect there was blood and I just couldn’t look. But do we think she is crazy? Because last week she was seeing Ally sitting in her room but she talked totally normal to Hanna in this week’s episode? So what is the deal with her? May be she is crazy but also aware of everything. I think the hot British doctor has something to do with her and A, but that is just my theory. Also Lucas is now somehow involved but I have no idea how. I have way too many doubts but I suppose that is the whole point.

Also there were some really cute outfits (I really like the dress Aria was wearing in this scene) and some really crazy ones. PLL, I missed you.


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    • Well, I think it was good but you can tell me when you watch it.
      Thanks for the nomination, I still have to post about the other one but I need some time to sit and do it properly, hopefully over the weekend.

      • I don’t think it’s Jenna either but she is definitely hiding something, other than the fact that she is no longer blind.

      • i keep on wondering who was Black Swan…couldnt be mellisa..she is pregnant..who else? in the same episode there was a girl with red dress and big face mask..i think thats alison…check it out..she comes at the scene where Hanna is thanking Mona for bringing Caleb to the ball…

      • I will rewatch that episode then because I didn’t realize. In fact, I think I need to rewatch the whole show because I’m getting too lost with some stuff.

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