In my search of tv shows to fill the long summer days I discovered this lovely show. I have never watched Sex and the City but I feel this is what it would have been like had it been about twenty-year-olds and veering towards reality instead of Hollywood.

Hannah has just been cut out by her parents and needs to figure out what to do for money. And let me tell you right now that the main reason why I like this show is because her life looks a lot like mine. She is 24 and is still trying to figure out what to do with her life. She is also seeing a guy who is scum but that, for some reason, she feels compelled not only to tolerate but like. Luckily I don’t share that part of her life but I do share a lot of her insecurities in the boys area. I have only watched the firs two episodes which is why I don’t know much about the other characters but I imagine they will be further developed in the next few episodes. There is Marnie, Hannah’s best friend, who is not happy in her relationship and yet will not let it go. Jessa, a nomad of sorts, who doesn’t like to show her feelings and Shoshanna who seems to be the innocent one.

As I said, I haven’t watched much but it seems like a down-to-Earth show that will finally deal with some real life issues of twenty-somethings. Quite refreshing really, because even I get tired of high school or superficial shows sometimes and appreciate some bitter-sweet comedy.


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    • Yep, I think I was too quick to say that I related to her character because after watching a couple more episodes I really don’t. I don’t now about selfish but she is quite annoying and has no self-respect.

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